Traindom API Provides Access to Infoproduct Platform

Traindom, information product creation and marketing Platform, offers many of its feature via the Traindom API. At the core of Traindom stands a belief that "anyone can start a business." Whether you want to create a membership site, provide a training class, or produce/market an information product of any type, Traindom looks to ease the time to market. Its API allows developers to access its platform within existing applications and tools. Accordingly, users are not locked in to utilizing Traindom for every last detail of their go to market plan.

Traindom believes in entrepreneurs, ubiquitous internet access, and wants to enable a new generation of individual innovation. Traindom focuses on leveling the playing field with a three pronged approach to every project: 1) simplicity rules 2) useful should be affordable 3) technology must be an enabler, not a roadblock. The Traindom API fits the model as it eliminates the need for a new, standalone platform to launch an info product, its pricing plan is straightforward and cheap, and APIs sit at the heart of a more connected, ubiquitous web-base economy.

The Traindom API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Currently methods include adding a client, changing passwords, deleting clients, and activating clients. As with its entire platform, the API will continue to evolve with Traindom's progression. For more information, visit the API site.

Information products and internet marketing represent an increasingly popular avenue to launching a business. However, many ambitious and talented entrepreneurs struggle to actualize a vision due to the difficulty in establishing an online presence. Traindom can serve as a sole platform to launch an info product, or simply help manage an existing business.

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