TrainingPeaks API: Work That Body, Feed That Body

Do you lie awake at night thinking about just how hard to ride your bike for 112 miles after swimming 2.4 miles and before running that 26.2 mile marathon without a break? Of course you do--especially if you're attempting an Ironman Triathlon. Turns out there's an optimal answer to that problem and a way to "cheat", courtesy of Joe Friel, legendary athlete, author and founder of TrainingPeaks. I'll get to that conundrum in a minute. The TrainingPeaks SOAP API helps coaches and athletes use the Platform to add users, upload data, get works outs and achieve peak performance.

Okay, so here's how to cheat. Friel says you need to use a power meter,

"Using a power meter in an Ironman triathlon is almost like cheating. While others are trying to gauge intensity through a cloudy veil of emotion, which makes perceived exertion and even heart rate nearly useless, the athlete with a power meter is focused on a number that, if maintained with only slight variations, will produce an optimal bike split."

"Note that I said “optimal.” The goal on the bike is not to produce the fastest time possible, but rather the time that will leave the athlete with enough spring in the legs to actually run the marathon. A maximally fast bike time means a 26.2 mile walk. Such a marathon always leads the dejected athlete to believe he or she is simply a poor runner. That’s seldom the case. It is usually a bike-related issue."

TrainingPeaks helps you measure and keep track of two important numbers, your Training Stress Score (TSS) and Intensity Factor (IF), critical to riding that bike at just the right pace.

But TrainingPeaks is about much more than these two stats; it helps you measure everything to do with training, right down to planning your meals. Available in an athlete's edition and a trainer's edition. TrainingPeaks not only has meal plans, exercise libraries and a "virtual coach" that helps map out your events for a year. It has a directory of coaches plus a "coach matching service." Cupid, move over, we got some serious workouts to do!

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