TransactionPoint Serves as an API to Streamline Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Digital, solutions provider to the real estate industry, offers access to its premier transaction management product (TransactionPoint) via the TransactionPoint API. TransactionPoint enables users to streamline real estate transactions through automation and secure single repositories for documentation retention. Developers can integrate all of TransactionPoint's features into existing workflows for a personalized experience.

Real Estate Digital serves more than 250,000 real estate professionals. Its suite of tools serves as the underlying platform driving much of the innovation the real estate industry uses on a daily basis. TransactionPoint has developed from a forward thinking tool to a competitive advantage to users across the real estate communiaty. Harold Crye, CEO of Crye-Leike REALTORS, commented:

"TransactionPoint gives our sales associates a great leap forward in the service they can provide their clients and empowers our customers and business partners from start to finish on every real estate sale."

The TransactionPoint API uses SOAP protocol and returns calls in an XML data format. After integration, users can manage documents, contacts, service orders, and tasks. Additionally, the service tracks changes and includes all information in a single repository for auditing purposes. To learn more, visit the TransactionPoint site.

The real estate market starts to recover at a time when technology offers tools previously unavailable to many legacy industries. Incorporating the TransactionPoint API into existing workflows could offer added advantages to real estate professionals that could provide an edge as competition heats back up.

Eric Carter Eric the founder of Dartsand and Corporate Counsel for a specialty technology distributor. He is a frequent contributor to technology media outlets and also serves as primary legal counsel for multiple startups in the Real Estate, Virtual Assistant, and Software Development Industries. Follow me on Google+

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