Transit App Adds Uber API For Comparing Routes

Transit App today said it has integrated Uber's API to make it even easier for urban dwellers to plan travel in and around cities. By adding the Uber API to Transit App, users will be able to compare the cost and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of an Uber directly to those of public transportation.

Uber released its API just a few months ago, but Transit App has already figured out a nice way to work it into its own offering. Transit App works within metro areas and lets the people therein compare different routes between two points, whether it's by bus, train, or subway. Tossing Uber into the mix gives city folk an additional option when it comes to moving around their favorite urban spots.

The Uber API adds three key features to Transit App: real-time departures, request an Uber and compare A-to-B journeys.

The real-time departures tool allows Transit App users to compare real-time ETAs between Uber and nearby transit lines. Transit App believes this will let its users select the option that best suits their time/cost requirements. Users will be able to "star" Uber so that the option always appears alongside their favorite routes. Moreover, the Uber API will let users know when surge pricing is in effect so they can make a more informed decision.

The request-an-Uber tool is (more or less) the entire reason the Uber API exists in the first place. With it, Transit App users can request an Uber ride when planning trips with just a couple of taps.

As for comparing journeys, users will be able to see not only the times involved when transiting between two points, but also the approximate cost and approximate wait times for both Uber and public transport options.

"When urbanites move through their city, they are constantly weighing the cost, convenience and speed of each transport option," said Jake Sion, Director of Strategy & Development at Transit App. "With our Uber Integration, we're making it easier to solve that equation so you can quickly get on your way."

The whole thing isn't quite up and running yet. Transit App is waiting until its app has been used 4 million times before it unlocks Uber integration. At the time of this writing, Transit App was already more than one-quarter of the way to meeting its goal. 

Transit App is rolling out Uber integration to 47 cities but they didn't say which 47 cities—so it appears we'll have to wait to find out. If you're not interested in Uber, you don't have to add the API. Transit App users can simply opt out of adding the Uber option to their app. Further, Transit App will not share customer data with Uber unless users request a ride from Uber. 


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