The Transit App API: A Trusted Tool For The Daily Traveller

The Transit App, an application that provides commuters with real-time transit information on iOS, makes its Transit App API available to developers who may want to integrate the functionality with other applications. The app has already been widely downloaded and received positive customer reviews, and filling the gap that was left when Apple removed transit from its own Maps app, it seems to be a really useful tool for anyone who relies on public transportation and the ability to get accurate and timely travel information.


The Transit App provides a number of handy features that give it the potential to become an indispensable tool for the daily commuter. In addition to the real-time data you would expect, like bus or train times, accurate directions and map views, users are also provided with further enhancements including real-time vehicle locations, autocomplete suggestions including recent locations, the ability to create schedules and itineraries, detailed step-by-step journey views, the ability to add favourites and more. What's also great is that the User Experience is a pleasure, with big, bold digits, clear colours and icons that users are familiar with, pop-over previews for further information and so on. All this has obviously gone down well with its users and the app looks like it's definitely one to keep an eye on. In a recent article on TechCruch, it's stated that,

"The Transit app has accrued over 35,000 downloads in the 72 hours since releasing their version two app for free, to general praise from reviewers and customers alike. That download spike has also helped the app’s ranking in Apple’s mobile software marketplace, propelling it to #4 in the U.S. Navigation category charts, and driving it up to #12 overall and #1 in Navigation on the Canadian store. Transit says it has over 20,000 active daily users, and that number is likely to increase as it has already loaded on a bunch of new users."


The API puts all this at developers' fingertips. The main methods include things like retrieving routes and retrieving directions, and for more detailed information on how to make it work for their needs, developers can head to The Transit App website.

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