Translate MSN Chats in Realtime?

Speaking of contests, a number of entries for MSN Messenger's World's Best App Contest are now listed here under the Messenger API page. These extensions are built using their new Activity API and many of them pull and mash online data into the Messenger chat experience. In order to use these you'll need to have Messenger installed, but if you do have it you might want to give some of these a try:

  • Translator for Instant Messaging: The t4im app integrates a translator and dictionary into MSN Messenger. You can communicate even if you don't understand their language. Maybe. Or, at least have fun trying.
  • Let's Meet: Chatting in MSN Messenger is fine, but sometimes you want to meet that other person in reality. This application uses Virtual Earth and factors-in your locations in order to help you to find a place suitable for both of you.
  • Notesaic: Allows you and someone else to work on a note at the same time. Two users can work on different parts of the note and see the changes/edits as they happen and then send a copy of the note to whoever you want.
John Musser

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<strong>Microsoft MSN Messenger - App Gallery - t4im (translator for instant messenger)</strong>

Microsoft MSN Messenger -4im (translator for instant messenger).Voici un utilitaire bien utile et puissant. La traduction en direct de messagerie instantanée... c'est fort...Je m'en vais le tester de suite évidemment ;)

Seria interessante que vocês colocassem a lingua portuguesa nessa experiência.



Muito bom o chat translator msn. Espero que vocês introduzam o português, estamos esperando.

Juahrez Alves


I guess it's not the 'universal translator' just yet.