TranslateMe Releases French to English API

TranslateMe, an AI-driven decentralized translation platform, announced the release of a French to English Translation API. The API is currently free for interested parties to both test and use. While it's fully functional, the company reported that it only uses 20% of its total capability (which includes a database of 10 million French to English sentences).

TranslateMe uses a block-chain, decentralized model to execute its translation algorithms. The most recently released French to English API is the third iteration to come out of TranslateMe. Using its decentralized model, it only took TranslateMe's algorithm four days of training to now instantly translate between the languages.

API request parameters required include the text to be translated, the language of that text, and the language to be translated to. The API adds to the list of growing translation products available from TranslateMe which include TranslateMe Chat App, TranslateMe Freelancer, TranslateMe Menu, and TranslateMe Docs.

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terminology management is not a one-off activity: it involves updating existing entries, removing obsolete entries, and adding any new ones that will emerge during translation. Maintenance should be done on a regular basis, not just for a specific translation project.