Translational Software Releases Genomics API to Speed Up Precision Medicine

Translational Software, clinical decision support tools developer, recently announced an API that labs and tech providers can utilize to hasten the development of medical apps. The API was built on HL7's Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard, a developing standard for the electronic exchange of healthcare information. The API queries databases for drug-drug-gene interaction data, which can be used to alert clinicians to adverse interaction possibilities.

"One of the biggest impediments to wide-scale use of pharmacogenomics is the difficulty of integrating testing into the clinical workflow at the point where prescribing decisions are being made," Translational Software CEO, Don Rule, mentioned.

Many expect genetic testing to become routine in clinical decision making, and the API will allow for a wide range of healthcare information systems to easily incorporate such data into existing workflows. More and more electronic health records providers are using the FHIR standard. Accordingly, building the API on the standard was a prudent move if Translational Software aims to play a role in point-of-care alerts and decisions in the future.

The use case scenarios for API integration are vast. An app could alert a clinician considering a new medication to the benefits of genetic testing, notify the party when a new genetic test result suggests a change in medication, screen new medications against updated guidance, EMR system integration with pharmacogenetic knowledge, and much more. A number of health organization have already adopted the API including the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Research Institute, IT21 Solutions, First Vitals, RX Management, and Sanford health and Synergy.

The API is currently available. For those interested, Translational Software requires developers to have an introduction call to discuss the application, execute an NDA to review the API docs, and then join the developer program to gain access to the sandbox and test demo data. Next, developers can establish a private test area to build with patient data owned by the interested organization. Translational Software system understands the utmost care needs to be taken to protect patient protected health information and maintains a strict HIPAA compliance program.

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