Travel With A Homely Touch: 9Flats API

There are many ways to travel and experience new places, and it doesn't always have to include impersonal and expensive hotels. Imagine having your own warm, more personal space when you travel; a home away from home that cuts travel costs as well. This is the concept behind 9Flats. It's a service that connects those who have a room, apartment or house to rent with those looking for more personal, affordable, alternative accommodation. The 9Flats API makes this functionality available to third party developers who may want to integrate it with other applications.


9Flats works in two ways - for guests and for hosts:

Guests get to stay in locations that may not have been accessible to them before, they get more privacy and the home comforts they wouldn't get from hotels, they get to save money and even have access to tips and suggestions directly from the locals.

Hosts can list their property on 9Flats for free and will immediately be exposed to a worldwide audience of travellers. The process is an easy and safe way for them to turn their extra space into extra income.

The 9Flats API responds to JSON only. Developers interested in accessing this data can get more information on the 9Flats website.

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