TravelgateX Launches GraphQL-based Travel API

XML Travelgate, a travel-focused Integration specialist, has rebranded itself with the name of its new, API-based marketplace for travel: TravelgateX. Driven by next generation AI, the TravelgateX Platform brings together buyers and sellers across the global to a single travel and tourism marketplace. Within the marketplace, developers gain access to flights, hotels, excursions, rental cars, and more.

"We want to continue innovating and working to allow companies to transform the way they market, sell and operate," TravelgateX CEO, Pedro Brücher Camara, commented in a press release. "We provide the technological infrastructure and marketing know-how to help them take advantage of the power of the network, interact with other companies in a simple, effective and scalable way."

TravelgateX launches with the benefit of XML Tavelgate's well established network of partners on both the buyer and supplier side. Suppliers include companies like Expedia, Jumbo Tours Group, Flybe, and many more. Buyers include companies such as Ctrip, British Airways,, and more.

TravelgateX is an API based on GraphQL. The platform includes over 100 travel APIs. The four pillars of the platform include InsightsStatsHotelX, and Mappea. Many travel APIs are based on XML or SOAP APIs. Accordingly, TravelgateX has published a learning GraphQL guide specifically tailored to using the TravelgateX platform.

For those interested in learning more, check out the Getting Started site. Additionally, TravelgateX offers an API Playground for developers to experiment with. Within the Getting Started site, developers will find the API docs.

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