TravelgateX launches HotelX, an API for Hotel Search and Booking

Travel marketplace TravelgateX has launched HotelX, a hotel accommodation aggregation and booking API.

Using the API, third-party applications can allow their users to search for available hotel accommodations, obtain price quotes and reservation terms, and complete and manage bookings.

The API, which is written in Go and uses Redis, is GraphQL-based. GraphQL is an increasingly popular API Query Language that was originally developed by Facebook. 

Understanding that many of its customers will need to implement custom business logic, TravelgateX added a business logic layer in front of the HotelX API's transformation layer. This business logic layer allows the company's customers to modify API functionality and response data related to access management, pricing, commissions, currency exchange, and more.

According to TravelgateX, "This fast, totally scalable and flexible layer allows you to overwrite everything at the request level, or to leave it as it is." Custom logic can be implemented through the creation of plugins written in Go.

Abel Basalo, the company's Chief Operations Officer, says that the HotelX API was developed to solve the challenges associated with searching for and booking accommodations. "[Suppliers] have their own tools, websites and even travel agencies with their own technical specifications," he explained. "Many of those specifications are sometimes complicated to reach customers around the world." For instance, many suppliers use old, custom SOAP-based solutions that can be difficult to integrate with.

Instead of integrating directly with each of their suppliers, which can be a time-consuming and costly exercise, TravelgateX customers can take advantage of the more than 600 suppliers it maintains integrations with through a single, modern API.

TravelgateX says it handles over 20,000 hotel, flight and travel services reservations per day and generates $3.2bn in annual business volume. Through its supplier integrations, it operates in more than 100 countries.

Hotel and holiday homes search and booking is an area of focus for the company, so it is investing heavily in developing solutions like HotelX, which it calls its "crown jewel." More information about the HotelX API, including how-to guides, can be found on the TravelgateX developer website.

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