Travelmanager's API: The Charter Bus Industry's Road to Third Party Integration

Travelmanager helps charter bus services around the globe manage their operations, a $6 billion business employing 50,000 people in the US alone. From logistics to route planning that can save time and fuel costs, Travelmanager gives its clients a simple, clear interface for managing and growing their service. The Travelmanager API brings your data to third party developers, supporting calls such as booking a tour, quotes, and company profiles.

Travelmanager's Platform features include real time quote reporting, publishing tours with photos and video, scheduling drivers, employee holidays and sickness, contact management, vehicle maintenance and more.

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription, with four levels to choose from. For more information, a tour of the software is available.

According to the documentation, the APIs limit calls to 100 each daily.

To get a sense of how clients use the product, check out some of their sites at Go LamersArrow Stage LinesCorporate TNT and 32 Counties.

Based in Britain with offices in the US and Europe, Travelmanager has over 750 clients worldwide, in 20 countries including the US, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa, Italy, Hungary, and Australia.

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