TravelPerk Adds Open API Platform to Work trip SaaS Offering

TravelPerk, a business travel SaaS provider, has opened an API Platform. The API allows customers and partners to build custom apps in HR and expense management areas. TravelPerk expects to expand the use case capabilities in the future.

“Applications we’ve seen being built on the platform already include HR functionality (think BambooHR), expense management systems, company payment cards, financial reporting, and ERP,” Avi Meir, TravelPerk co-founder and CEO Avi Meir, commented. “Many of our customers are tech companies full of developers, so we’re confident that if we give them the tools it will be boundless what they can create.”

To accomplish its long term, big picture goals, TravelPerk has created a developer hub. The developer hub is dedicated to meeting the growing demands of users, not isolated to HR and expense management. The API platform is designed to “solve real business needs,” and that includes an endless range of possibilities.

TravelPerk does not pitch the platform as an isolated tool to build all tools needed to run a business. Instead, it was built with the understanding that it needs to coexist with many other SaaS tools. The platform was designed with that in mind, and it will grow with the same mentality. User demand will drive future functionality.  

The platform has been in beta for a few months. Now, the company has opened it up to all users. Check out the API docs to learn more.  

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