Travelport Launches New Travelport+ API Platform

Travelport, a global travel retail Platform, has announced its new Travelport+ API platform in an effort to modernize the company’s Integration infrastructure. The new APIs join the company’s existing SOAP / XML APIs while promising improved transaction times and improved flexibility. 

These new RESTful APIs output JSON and Travelport believes that they will be a valuable component in its integration toolkit. Greg Webb, Chief Executive Officer at Travelport, noted that:

“The improvements we’ve made with these enhanced RESTful / JSON APIs will give travel retailers around the world simplified access to dynamic retail-ready content, from multiple sources, across all of their points of sale. And to ensure agencies can effectively operate as modern digital retailers, our APIs will also deliver the tools to optimize storefronts, better engage customers and manage trips more efficiently.”

Travelport has launched a new technology portal to support Travelport+. Although this Portal may answer many questions, it appears that developers will need to reach out to the company to access Documentation for technical details. 

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