Treasure Data API: Getting Your Big Data Up to Speed Quickly

Treasure Data's open source approach to Big Data and the cloud promises a speedy setup, just days rather than months. The Treasure Data REST API allows organizations to forego having an IT person involved  in transiting to the cloud. The set up is Hadoop-based cloud warehousing using Apache Hive.

To get you up and running, Treasure Data promises instant Integration, streaming upload and SSL Encryption. Their system is flexible, offering uploads from Java, Ruby, Python and others, and directly from logs.

As an example of size, Contextlogic, a client of Treasure Data that launched the website, says they are logging over 40 million events a day through Treasure Data.

In mid-November, Treasure Data announced in a press release a partnership with business intelligence firm Indicee,

"Treasure Data's power is in the ability to store and analyze petabytes of data; while the Indicee Platform provides the self-service data aggregation and visualization tools so that business users can slice, dice and present that data in a meaningful way. Indicee's self-service business intelligence (BI) frontend is the perfect complement to Treasure Data's Big Data backend. Indicee enables deeper analysis of data without waiting for MapReduce jobs to complete. Now, data streamed and archived into Treasure Data is set for periodic jobs. The results are aggregated in multiple dimensions and stored in Indicee where business users can generate customized reports and create key dashboards to interactively navigate the data, without the need for a Query Language."

Pricing ranges from free to $1,499 a month for business use with 250 GB storage and a maximum of 32 cores. Large enterprise plans are available by contacting them directly.

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