Trendsmap Shows What's Happening Where on Twitter

A new mashup is blending our two most popular APIs - the Twitter API and Google Maps API - along with data from the What the Trend? service. Trendsmap overlays a tag cloud on a map to show the trending terms by location.

Trendsmap: Rainy in Austin

The company said the following about its new service:

"Trendsmap (is) the first application to provide real-time geographic visualization for Twitter trends. The application was designed to enable journalists and bloggers to spot and track emerging trends at a global, regional or local level."

Click a trend and you can do a deep dive into why it is popular and how long it has been popular (in that city and around the world). The site shows example tweets, links and photos, all culled from millions of Twitter users. You can also look at all popular terms for one of many cities, or look at where else in the world the term is hot.

There are a number of mashups that have attempted to map tweets using Twitter's public timeline. The most notable and earliest is Twittervision (our Twittervision mashup profile). Trendsmap goes beyond these early Twitter mashups to show an aggregated view, as opposed to an existential experience.

Guy King from Trendsmap's parent company explains the many features of the site in this video, also embedded below:

There's a lot of fun information to play with using Trendsmap. Keep in mind this is coming before tweets get geocoded, so it's merely using the location field people fill out in their Twitter profiles. In other words, we're only seeing the beginning of what will be possible once we can pin-point exactly where every tweet comes from, right down to the city block. Trendsmap is coming at just the right time. Keep an eye on it.

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