TriageLogic Announces Clinical Answering Service API

TriageLogic, a clinical call center solution that offers nurse triage services and software, has announced its Answering Service API. What this means is that any Web-based answering service will have the ability to send calls directly to a nurse triage call center when required.

In most cases, physicians use an answering service to take messages after hours as well as a triage service where registered nurses evaluate patients and contact the doctor only if a call is deemed an emergency. The challenge with this scenario is that the two services usually run on different software platforms, resulting in a lot of back and forth relaying of messages. This kind of coordination can become time consuming and costly. What TriageLogic has set out to achieve with its Answering Service API is to provide a seamless solution where answering services can send messages to the triage centers directly from their own answering service platforms and essentially offer triage services to their practices.

The TriageLogic Answering Service API is already being successfully implemented with Southern Voices answering service, and in a news release posted on API Report, a Southern Voices manager says, "The API was very easy to implement if you have a compatible platform. We save valuable time on every call while providing expanded services to our clients."

Further information on the TriageLogic software and API is available on the website.

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TriageLogic Announces Answering Service API to Connect Directly to Clinical Call Center