TripAdvisor Content API Provides Location-Based Info For Travel Websites And Apps

When it comes to holiday travel, getting insider reviews and opinions on accommodations, restaurants and more can help to ensure that any trip is a success. Of course, for this kind of valuable insight, TripAdvisor is a known and respected name in the business. The availability of the TripAdvisor Content API is great news for travel websites or applications wanting to offer their users a much better experience by including this kind of functionality.

TripAdvisor is a travel site that offers millions of user reviews and testimonials on hotels, B&Bs, inns and more, for a large number of destinations around the world. The API offers dynamic access to this content, allowing developers to call the API, Parse the response and display the data from the response on their websites or applications.

What the API Can Do

The API can provide access to business details, such as:

  • Location ID, name, address, latitude and longitude
  • Write a review and read review links
  • Rating, ranking, awards, etc.
  • Price level symbol, attraction type, accommodation category, restaurant cuisine
  • Recent review snippets

It also provides access to destination information:

  • Information for up to 10 restaurants, hotels or other attractions.
  • Business details for all of these
  • Filtering of results by type of attraction, cuisine, category and subcategory

API calls are made using HTTP requests and data is returned in JSON. The TripAdvisor Content API is free to use, but developers will need to request an API Key and gain approval first. Those interested can fill out the Request API Access form available on the TripAdvisor developer site.

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