Tripleseat API Streamlines Event Planning

Tripleseat founders sought to solve a problem in the event planning and banquet industry. The problem, as CEO Jonathan Morse found out, is that:

"most restaurants use some type of manual process with email, Word, Excel, notebooks, folders, post-it notes, and wall calendars...[because] there was no cost effective, easy-to-use software built for the restaurant business."

In 2007; Jono (Jonathan Morse), Dusty, and Kevin created Tripleseat to streamline these manual processes with robust software. Five years later, restaurants and event planners can easily capture leads, manage bookings, generate documents, manage contacts, and run reports from simple user interfaces. However, Tripleseat has extended its software via the Tripleseat API.

The Tripleseat API allows developers to integrate Tripleseat software features into third-party apps and websites. Developers can add restaurants, rooms, calendars, party size, manage leads, and more without leaving their application. With a host of high profile customers (e.g. Crave, BR guest, E&O Asian Kitchen, and more) Tripleseat has already established itself as an industry differentiator.

The API uses REST protocol and both JSON and XML data formats. Currently, the API is primarily focused on synching an internal database with additional features of an Tripleseat account. Those interested in learning more can register for an account by setting up a profile.

All facets of the hospitality industry are currently being revolutionized by web innovation (specifically APIs). Tripleseat maintains the skillset, innovative attitude, and customer base (recently crossed 400 customers across the US) to remain at the forefront of this trend.

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