Trippin' In API: Instant Insight Into What's Hot And What's Not

Word of mouth is the best kind of information when looking for advice on where to eat, places to stay, things to do and more. Applications like Yelp and Tripadvisor offer users great insight when it comes to reviews and recommendations, but Trippin' In takes this concept to the next level by providing up-to-date social rankings; instant insight into what's popular right now. The Trippin' In API makes it possible for this functionality to be integrated into already existing recommendation applications, further enhancing their relevance and appeal to users.


Trippin' In is about more than just letting users know where to go, it's about letting them know which places are trending and most popular at any given time or day of the week. This is achieved by determining social rankings based on what people are sharing or tweeting, or where people are checking-in online, thereby providing relevant information on what real locals are bragging about in a given location. The service also pulls in images via Instagram, providing users with random images taken from a variety of perspectives by the actual people visiting the various places.

By integrating the Trippin' In API, travel or recommendation apps and websites can further enhance the way their users find the coolest places to be. Providing a social score or ranking makes it possible to provide users with an unbiased view of the general public’s preferences, based on an analysis of the social impact a specific place has on real people. An API Key is required for every API call, and is unique for each client. Interested developers can find more information and API documentation on the Trippin' In website.

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