TrueSample API Ensures Online Survey Quality

TrueSample, SurveyMonkey's validation technology, released the TrueSample API that allows developers to qualify survey responders to achieve effective results. The technology driving TrueSample ensures that people are who they claim to be and only take a survey once, all while eliminating those who choose random answers and unqualified responders. The TrueSample API provides pre and post survey data as well as real-time feedback to provide industry leading insight into surveys of all types.

Only four years into its existence, TrueSample has validated over 43 million surveys and risen to the top of the list in survey validation technology. Extending its reach, the TrueSample Quality Council includes leaders from a myriad of industries who remain dedicated to refining and ensuring the quality and future of online research. The all-star cast of research giants included in the Quality Council should continue to push TrueSample to greater technology and continued innovation.

TrueSample's API uses REST protocol and returns calls in XML data format. In realtime, the API provides feedback on survey details including responder tracking (i.e. name, location, contact information, and date and time of registration and survey completion). Additionally, the API includes historical information (i.e. surveys completed, questions presented, and responses provided).

The web continues to provide the largest on-demand audience researchers can pull from. However, the large opportunity also presents an enormous problem in quality control. TrueSample's technology ensures that results are legitimate and will help drive continued use of web surveys as a viable research tool. Those interested can fill out a contact form.

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