Trulia Launches New API with Mashery

Yesterday, Trulia, the real estate search startup, and one of the oldest mashups on this site, just announced their new API. This REST-based API provides access to two primary types of data: local real estate price trends and real estate search behavior online. It should lead to some very interesting mashups.

This release is also notable as a showcase for API management provider Mashery who are providing Trulia with API infrastructure, rate limiting, developer community, and other related services (see our earlier coverage of Mashery here).

Some more notes of interest on this:

  • Today's Mashup of the Day, PlotOrNot, lets you get graphical answers to lots of interesting demographic questions based on real estate pricing data . It is one of two mashups created by the Trulia team to show-off what can be done with the API. Which, btw, is a very good way to help jump-start any API.


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