TSheets, Time-tracking Solution Provider, Overhauls API

TSheets, a leading time-tracking solution provider, has released a completely revamped API, which offers an abundance of new features and Integration capabilities that provide significant advantages over the original TSheets API. The goal behind the overhauled API is to allow for more interconnected office systems.

TSheets CEO Matt Rissell commented:

“This is a developer’s dream and a manager’s godsend.... We were thinking about process, about payroll, and about time efficiency, when we reworked our API. So say a business wants to make their accounting system, or their scheduling system, or their service order tracking, or all of the above work seamlessly with TSheets. This is the way to make it happen."

The company philosophy of TSheets is simple and straightforward: "Simplify time tracking with easy-to-use technology that works seamlessly and flexibly for everyone, from IT and HR departments to end-user employees." The latest API release moves TSheets further toward its goal. With a continued growth rate of more than 100% per year, the API overhaul will help success to continue.

The new API uses the REST protocol and uses JSON as the primary data format. TSheets moved away from XML in this release, as the TSheets team finds that developers can consume JSON more easily. The API is more object oriented and capable of handling big projects. For example, in the last version, individual calls were made for each time sheet. The new API enables bulk adds and edits. For more information, visit the API site.

TSheets continues to grow at a rapid pace, and praise from its customers is purely positive. The API overhaul moves TSheets toward its ever-progressing goals and should ease developer interaction even further. If you are looking to streamline your time-sheet capabilities or introduce more interconnectivity in office systems, check out TSheets.

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