TTM Launches RESTjee API Software

Total Transaction Management (TTM), a provider of transaction-oriented middleware, has launched RESTjee API software. RESTjee is designed to streamline creation and implementation of REST APIs for access to virtually any data store. Its ease of use stems from the elimination of server-side code.

Joe Fernandez, RESTjee Development Architect, comments:

RESTjee Builds on industry standards like JEE, HTTP, JDBC and JSON. ... By leveraging these popular building blocks, we're able to craft a simple API configuration process that can be completed in minutes by anyone with a basic knowledge of the data schema.

API creation and implementation was historically a time consuming, cumbersome process. The glaringly obvious benefit of RESTjee is that it enables developers to implement multiple APIs with a few lines of code. Regardless of data store, RESTjee can provide Front-end access to mobile, web, enterprise and remote apps.

RESTjee uses HTTP, Java Servlet API, JDBC, JSON and REST. Security is a major concern because RESTjee greatly increases access to massive data stores. Fernandez addresses security this way:

Thanks to inherent JDBC safeguards, RESTjee-based APIs are resilient to SQL injection attacks. You can also leverage the Authentication and authorization services provided by the JEE servlet Container to control access to the APIs.

Interested developers can try the software for free during a 30-day trial. After the trial, packages start at less than $4,000 per year. For more information, or to start a trial, visit TTM.

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