Tumblr Announces Updates to Public API and Neue Post Format Documentation

Tumblr, the social site that is not quite a full featured blog but is perhaps a more versatile media sharing Platform than Instagram, has announced some updates to their public APITrack this API as well as their Documentation.

Users of the Tumblr API will now have the Neue Post Format (NPF) available to them when consuming or creating posts. NPF is a JSON-based specification created by Tumblr’s engineers last year. NPF takes post content and breaks it into discreet content blocks, each of which are defined by a type field. To use the NPF format, simply pass the query parameter ?npf=true to any Tumblr API Endpoint that returns Posts.

This specification came about as Tumblr engineers realized that Tumblr was being consumed more and more on mobile platforms instead of web browsers as was the case when Tumblr first appeared in 2007. NPF moved away from the HTML format that was previously used to store post content and uses the JSON standard as it is favored by API and mobile developers. The net result is that NPF acts as a more extensible format and affords backwards-compatibility with the billions of existing Tumblr posts.

Documentation for the JSON specification of NPF is now available on Github. Tumblr has stated that they aren’t yet planning to deprecate their legacy posting flows but that they won’t guarantee that HTML posts will indefinitely continue to look as intended.

In addition, Tumblr also announced that they have moved their API documentation to Github in markdown format.

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