Tumbz API: Finding The Opinions That Matter To You

The power of choice is a valuable part of our everyday lives, and with so many options at our disposal along with wildly different tastes and opinions, it's a good thing we have the freedom to choose. Based on this idea, it's easy to see how things like music charts, recommendations from film critics and general ratings on social media platforms may not be the opinions shared by everybody, and a recommendation system that could focus more on a person's specific preferences would be quite useful. That's pretty much what Tumbz has set out to do. The Tumbz API also makes it possible for this functionality to be integrated with other applications.


Tumbz is a recommendation site for things like music, movies and books. The service provides suggestions based on the ratings and opinions of people that a user particularly respects or has similar interests to. A "Tumbz Up" is the action a user makes when they really love something, and this rating is shared with their listeners or followers. A "Tumbz Down" provides a negative rating where appropriate. Users are able to see a public Feed which displays all the product ratings from all the users on Tumbz, giving them a good place to start and discover other users. The most beneficial part of the service, however, is the user's personal feed, where they can see the flow of "Tumbz" created by the other users they have chosen to follow, giving them suggestions that are relevant to their own personal tastes.


The Tumbz API follows basic REST principles. Responses are sent in JSON format by default, but can be converted to XML if necessary. The API resources include comments, likes, partners books lookup, partners tv shows lookup, products, products search, reviews, users, users search and users suggestions. Interested developers will need to contact Tumbz for a a private key in order to make use of the API. Further information and API documentation is available on the website.

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