Tunity Releases SDK for its TV Audio Streaming Technology

Tunity today announced the release of the Tunity SDK for Audio which allows for the implementation of white-labeled versions of its TV audio streaming technology.

Tunity's streaming tech enables businesses to offer their customers the ability to hear live audio from muted televisions on their own mobile devices. It uses deep learning and computer vision to identify live video streams and sync the audio with mobile devices.

According to Tunity, its technology can help gyms, restaurants, airports, universities and other customer-facing businesses better retain customers and drive increased usage of their mobile apps. By using Tunity's new SDK to embed its functionality directly into their apps, businesses can create new touchpoints with customers through push marketing engagement, upselling and other kinds of engagement, even when those customers are off-premise. 

Tunity says that its cloud-based service and new SDK give any business with a TV the opportunity to integrate its technology without investing in additional hardware and upkeep.

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