Turn API Automates and Scales Identity Verification and Mass Payments

Turn Technologies, supply side service Platform for on-demand companies, has announced a identity verification platform through the Turn APITrack this API. The platform automatically searches over 100 billion records across more than 10,000 databases in less than 10 seconds. In that time, the platform can deliver an accurate identity match. To supplement the identity match, the platform also provides a mass payments tool for same day payouts.

"We deconstructed the modern worker identity and re-asssembled it from the ground up by working alongside our data partners with a singular focus on improving accuracy, trust, and safety," Turn Technologies CEO, Rahier Rahman, commented in a press release.

The Turn API is RESTful and equipped with a number of tools for supply side infrastructure. For both identity screening, and mass payments, the Turn API provides worker acquisition teams with a solution that can be used without the need of technical support. User teams gain access to a dashboard, and a behind the scenes app that helps companies keep a low friction consumer experience. For more information, visit the integration site.

Through automation, the platform allows companies to scale worker identity while maintaining compliance with laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act and corresponding state laws. The platform utilizes Encryption, redundancies, and third party oversight to maintain compliance. Machine Learning algorithms help uncover malicious behavior and anomalies which in-house analysts can follow up on. Turn's end result is streamlined workforce management for on-demand companies.

Early users such as Gobble and Saucey have provided positive feedback regarding Turn's impact on their business. In addition to the 10,000 databases, the mass payments Function already reaches 400 million US bank accounts. Chat with a team member to learn more.

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