Turning Telephones Into Effective Analytics Tools: Call Tracking Metrics API

With huge budgets spent on marketing, it's probably a good idea to keep track of which marketing avenues are working and which aren't. Call Tracking Metrics is a simple telephone call tracking service that aims at helping users link incoming calls to specific marketing campaigns and in so doing, easily track and analyze the amount of calls received due to that particular campaign. The Call Tracking Metrics API provides access to this functionality.


The Call Tracking Metrics Service helps businesses to accurately track online and offline marketing sources including newspaper, direct mail, TV, radio and more. The benefit is that once a business has analyzed the data and identified the more lucrative marketing sources, they can allocate budgets to what is working and not waste money on what isn't. The service includes features that allow users to track calls and identify which advertising is driving those calls, route calls to the right place quickly, manage calls in order to keep records and gather real-time caller information, and analyze calls with visual displays of a particular campaign's performance.

Call Tracking Metrics' API methods support linking incoming calls to specific marketing campaigns and return customer information and data relevant to that call. It also includes reporting functions that support the retrieval of call logs and other data. Detailed API information is available on the website.

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