TVSync API Aims to Meet Increased Consumer Demand for Connected TV and Second-Screen Applications

More and more consumers are using a second device (usually a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet) while watching television. Many consumers are using their "second-screen" to update their Facebook status, post on Twitter, chat with friends or engage in other online social activities.

With this new trend in consumer TV viewing habits in mind, Vobile has just taken "second-screen" application development to a whole new level by introducing the "TVSync Connected TV and Second-Screen API Platform", an Open API that lets developers "build phone, tablet, TV, and desktop applications that automatically identify and synchronize music, television, and movie content."


Image Credit: TVSync

"TVSync's VDNA technology interacts with SmartTVs to display relevant ads and help upsell products directly on-screen and simultaneously on second-screen devices."

TVSync is the first developer Platform that supports the four primary viewing screens; smartphone, tablet, PC and SmartTV. It allows Vobile's Automatic Content Recognition technology to be integrated in mobile applications creating innovative advertising and marketing opportunities for broadcasters, cable companies, content providers and other businesses.

Additionally, the TVSync API Platform allows developers to create applications that transform the traditional TV viewing experience for consumers into something interactive and far more engaging. Yangbin Wang, CEO of Vobile says in the announcement that:

"Change is on the way in how consumers interact with content across multiple devices—change that will be as disruptive as the introduction of iPhone five years ago. With TVSync, we are ready to help both incumbent companies and entrepreneurs transform the four screen media consumption experience."

The Connected TV and Second-Screen API Platform can be used to create a variety of ACR enabled mobile applications, applications that let consumers:

  • Watch, buy, record or research the very same program they are watching on TV using their mobile device.
  • View real-time relevant ads based on what they are watching and interacting with.
  • Buy the things they want on the go. Real-time interactive ads that are both geo-targeted and content-specific let consumers buy related items without having to wait until they get home or write down anything.
  • Invite friends to join in watching a favorite show or game and chat with them live.

Consumer enthusiasm for simultaneous social engagement will surely increase as more and more innovative and engaging second-screen applications are created with connected TV and second-screen technologies like the TVSync API Platform.

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