Tweddle Group Releases Vehicle Head Unit Update API

Tweddle Group, a leading international automotive communications & publishing solutions firm, has just announced that they are granting Tier 1 suppliers and developers of vehicle head units access to the Tweddle Head Unit Update API.

A new and important enhancement to the Tweddle Connected Services Platform, the Head Unit Update API allows in-vehicle software applications to be easily discovered, installed and updated "over the air," without the need of a USB Flash drive.

"The idea that OEMs can securely update software on vehicle components over the air has incredible power," said Andy Tweddle, CEO of Tweddle Group. "Not only for new and innovative features for consumers already in-market but, equally important, for warranty cost reductions and enhanced after-sales support."

The Tweddle Connected Services Platform is a comprehensive vehicle service, content aggregation and management solution that provides OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers a suite of tools and customization services that support multiple vehicle connection strategies (Bluetooth, WiFi, and Embedded Cellular), provide access to Tweddle's custom APIs, can be integrated with OEM backend systems and much more.

The availability of the Tweddle Head Unit Update API to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers is yet another example of the expanding use of APIs in software platforms, devices and applications across many types of industries.

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