Twilio Adds Support for RCS to its Communications Platform

Twilio has announced that support for RCS (Rich Communications Services) Business Messaging has been added to its communications Platform. The company also announced the availability of Rich Messaging Extensions which enable native RCS capabilities supported by Twilio Channels in applications. With Twilio Channels, developers can build applications capable of sending and receiving messages on multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Twilio’s RCS Business Messaging without having to write custom code for each channel.

Among the native RCS capabilities that can be enabled with Twilio Rich Messaging Extensions are geolocation in messages, sending suggested replies and actions, and embedding high-res media. All of these capabilities can be enabled in applications using one API, the Twilio Programmable SMS APITrack this API. Twilio RCS Business Messaging and Rich Messaging Extensions are currently in preview, and the company plans on adding support for more channels in 2018.

RCS is a messaging protocol that aims to make full-featured carrier messaging as universal as SMS, and as engaging as Slack, WeChat, and other popular messaging apps. RCS allows for advanced messaging features such as sharing high-definition (HD) videos, high-resolution images, and driving directions to specific venues. The protocol operates on telecom networks, and “rich messages” are delivered to the messaging app the user has set as the default for their device. All a business needs in order to send a rich message to a customer is the customer's phone number.

Twilio has enabled RCS support in its communications platform by partnering with Google via its Early Access Program which helps organizations adopt the RCS business messaging protocol.

"We're pleased to have Twilio as part of our Early Access Program to help businesses upgrade their SMS messages to RCS," said Amir Sarhangi, Head of RCS at Google, in a prepared statement. "Twilio's support of RCS enables developers in Twilio’s ecosystem to build more dynamic messaging experiences for their customers, exponentially expanding the reach of RCS as a universal standard."

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