Twilio Adds Volume Pricing for SMS

Telephony-as-a-service company Twilio (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) is set to announce new volume pricing for heavy users of its Twilio SMS API. The company had previously dropped the price for SMS twice, but did not yet have published volume pricing. Those using over 500,000 SMS messages a month will now pay a fraction of a penny per SMS.

"We don't want our customers to ever really worry about pricing at scale," Twilio's Patrick Malatack said. "As your business increases in scale, when you cross a volume threshold you just start paying lower prices."

Malatack said Twilio has current customers at every tier in the new volume pricing plan, meaning someone is sending over 100 million text messages per month. The pricing reflects deals that high usage clients have already negotiated. "If you're doing the volume, we're happy to have you as a customer, so we'll just give you the volume pricing we give everybody else," Malatack said. More volume allows the company to offer lower prices at every tier.

Recently Twilio has expanded into new markets with its voice and SMS APIs. In December the company added SMS in Canada. Last week it launched the beta of Twilio SMS in the UK.

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