Twilio Aims to Boost SMS Apps With Price Cut

Twilio, which provides a cloud API for voice and SMS communications, has announced a price reduction for all incoming and outgoing SMS. The blog post announced that with immediate effect, all incoming and outgoing SMS will be charged $0.02 per message, a reduction of 33% from the original $0.03 per message. The new pricing is applicable for both existing and new customers of Twilio.

Recently, Twilio had enhanced its offering by announcing over 100+ features to its API. A key feature included  the ability to search for numbers and purchase them, thereby allowing your application to also provision numbers for your users.

Twilio has also announced plans for U.S. short code support. The short code is likely to come with a cool REST API too. If you would like to apply for early access to this service, sign up here.

The price reduction is a good move on the part of Twilio, to pass on benefits to developers. Twilio remains one of the most used APIs in our mashup directory, currently with 88 mashups. They also run a weekly contest, offering a Netbook for the best Twilio App, often based upon a theme.

SMS has become a popular feature in our API directory. We currently list 70 SMS APIs.

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