Twilio Announces Acquisition of SendGrid

Twilio has announced that it will acquire SendGrid in an all-stock deal that totals $2 billion, the company’s largest acquisition to date. Twilio is well-known in the developer community for their API offerings: Twilio VoiceTrack this API, Twilio Video, and Twilio SMSTrack this API (to name a few). With the addition of SendGrid’s offerings, Twilio gains an already robust email service.

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In hindsight it seems odd that Twilio didn’t already provide email services directly. For a company dedicated to democratizing communication, email seems like a pretty glaring oversight. The addition of SendGrid helps to address this gap and moves Twilio closer to providing customers with a single Platform for all customer engagement.

Both companies expect things to be business as usual until the acquisition is finalized, sometime in the first half of 2019. SendGrid is expected to continue on with some level of autonomy, with neither company providing much in the way of a roadmap at this time. 

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