Twilio Announces Integration of Communications Platform with Google App Engine

Twilio, a leading voice and SMS communications company, has announced that the company has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program and has integrated the Twilio API into the Google App Engine.


Image Credit: Twilio

The Integration of the Twilio API platform with the Google App Engine makes it possible for developers to build scalable communications applications that are reliably hosted on the Google Cloud. Using the Google App Engine, developers can build apps that feature call recording, text-to-speech, conference calling, in-app dialing, group texting and much more.

In the press release, Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio says that:

"By using Google Cloud Platform and Twilio, independent developers and enterprises alike can build and scale real world businesses faster than ever. The real magic comes from connecting the Twilio API to the App Engine platform to make apps communicate; developers benefit from integrating these two incredibly scalable, robust, and reliable platforms--we can't wait to see what Google App Engine developers build."

There are currently native Python and Java libraries available for developers to integrate Twilio SMS and Voice Integration into their apps. The platform consists of the Twilio Markup Language (TwiML), a RESTful API, and VoIP SDKs.

At the time of this writing, developers that sign up for a new Google App Engine account and a new Twilio account will receive 2,000 free voice minutes or SMS messages. To sign up and receive the promotion, visit the Twilio promotion web page.

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