Twilio Introduces Add-on Management API

Cloud communications company Twilio has announced early access for the new Add-on Management API. Developers can use the Twilio Add-on Management API to programmatically install, configure, and enable Add-ons in applications. The API also allows developers to programmatically associate a messaging or number Add-on with a specific Twilio phone number. Developers can now add Twilio Add-on capabilities to applications that end users can easily enable without the need for manual configuration and email interactions.

Add-ons are pre-integrated partner technologies available through the Twilio Marketplace and accessible via the Twilio API. There are currently three types of Add-ons available; number, messaging, and recording. Number Add-ons provide additional data for a given phone number. Messaging Add-ons analyze the content of text messages. Finally, recording Add-ons analyze recordings made with Twilio.

Examples of pre-integrated partner technologies include (but not limited to) IBM Watson Message Sentiment for identifying positive and negative sentiment from messages, Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation for detecting phone spam and scam activity in real time, and VoiceBase High Accuracy Transcription for automatic transcription and keyword extraction.

It should be noted that the API supports only Add-ons that are generally available (GA) or in beta. Add-ons that are in Developer Preview or are marked as Coming Soon must be managed using the Twilio Console. The Twilio Add-on Management API is currently in Developer Preview, and developers can request early access to the API.

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