Twilio Launches Voice Insights API to Monitor WebRTC Performance

On Tuesday Twilio announced the launch of their Voice Insights API, which allows developers to monitor network and device performance during WebRTC calls. With the API, developers can now programmatically adjust their applications in response to varying network and device conditions. For example, if the API detects that the call audio has dropped, the developer can display a notification to the user prompting them to check their headset connection.

Any call leveraging WebRTC technology is at the mercy of network congestion. Voice Insights offers a dashboard in the Twilio Console to show network and device performace for the duration of each call. When combined with the feedback from the notifications sent to users, developers have the ability to triage what is affecting call quality. This WebRTC data can be used to build custom analytics for trackign Android and iOS devices, carriers and connections.

Twilio's Voice Insights services is now available in beta with pricing starting at $0.004 per call minute.

Twilio is not alone in offering WebRTC monitoring services. is a startup that offers cloud-based monitoring of WebRTC connections in real-time. has third party integrations with a few providers including Twilio.

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