Twilio Programmable Wireless Moves from Beta to General Availability

Twilio has announced that Programmable Wireless is now out of beta and generally available (GA). Twilio Programmable Wireless is a cellular communications Platform for developers built in partnership with T-Mobile. The company introduced its cellular communications platform (developer preview) in May 2016, and moved the platform to Beta in May 2017. Twilio Programmable Wireless includes a number of APIs that can be used by developers to enable cellular connectivity in applications and track devices directly from applications.

The Twilio Wireless REST API currently exposes five resources: Sims, Commands, Rate Plans, SIM Usage Records, and SIM Data Sessions. A Sim instance represents a physical SIM. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, a physical component (like a SIM card) associated with a Sim Resource that can connect to a wireless network. The Commands resource is for exchanging M2M (machine-to-machine) messages with devices capable of SMS (Short Message Service). Rate Plan explains the limitations and capabilities that will apply to the SIMs that are associated with the corresponding Rate Plan. Usage of a SIM can be queried with the SIM Usage Records list resource, and Data Session information (30-day period maximum) for a SIM can be returned with the SIM Data Sessions list resource.

The GA release of Twilio Programmable Wireless introduces updated data pricing that better supports self-service for popular consumption tiers. The company has also introduced in the GA release a Quote-based data pricing model to accommodate global IoT use cases and a range of consumption rates. Usage reporting now includes spend-reporting at a per-SIM level and other improvements. Usage reporting is available via the Programmable Wireless Console.

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