Twilio SendGrid Email Validation API now Publicly Available

Twilio SendGrid has announced that its Email Validation API is now publicly available. The API operates in real-time and uses Machine Learning to validate email addresses. Baked into the ML algorithm exists mailbox provider-friendly practices and nuanced validation protocols that can detect and message errors associated with typos, inactive, non-existent, disposable, and shared mailboxes.

The goal is to keep whitehat senders, whitehat. If you fall in that category, you can custom set your threshold for bouncebacks to an average of around 50%. For those who have already been blacklisted by certain providers, you can custom set your threshold to 80% or greater to meet your needs. Because Twilio SendGrid sends over 50 billion emails per month, it has a huge dataset to train its machines to provide a better service through the API.

In addition to typos, inactive accounts, non-existent accounts, disposable mailboxes, and shared mailboxes, the API checks for proper syntax, DNS record checks, disposable domains, shared roles or distributions, suspected bounces, and known hard bounces. Users can programmatically suppress email validation results at the desired delivery confidence score. Validation results include verdicts, scores, and checks. To learn more, read through the API docs.

Pro Email API accounts get 2,500 free mail validations per month. Premier accounts get 5,000 free validations per month. Beyond those caps, validations start at $0.01 per validation. Check out the API site to learn more.

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