Twilio SMS Goes International: 150 Countries

Twilio, one of the most popular APIs in our directory, has launched a new global SMS capability that allows developers to send a SMS globally. The service allows a developer to use the same Twilio SMS API to reach out to billions of people across 150 countries, integrates seamless with over 1,000 carriers and supports multiple languages.

“We think SMS and voice should work the same way," Twilio's Patrick Malatack said. "There are no geopolitical boundaries for the web and we want to ensure developers can work with the telecom network like they do other internet services.”

What is noteworthy about the API is that it is not just global in its reach but also does the heavy lifting of supporting the SMS content in multiple languages, thereby helping developers reach out to people in their local languages, according to Twilio's announcement:

Twilio SMS is also now multi-lingual with support for dozens of languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Russian. Now with Unicode (UCS-2) support, developers can deliver the correct characters in their preferred language.

Twilio has done the hard work of integrating various networks and carriers across countries and that is no mean feat. From a developer perspective, the code to send out a SMS remains the same and represents a great abstraction for what goes on behind the scenes to deliver your messages globally.

Global SMS has been one of the most requested features from the Twilio service and considering the fact that certain geographical regions rely on basic SMS messages, the service is likely to spur new applications targeting those areas. Global SMS Pricing varies by country, so be sure to look at outbound pricing page.

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