Twilio Startup Fund Announces Seven More Winners

Earlier this year, we reported the first 3 winners of the Twilio Startup Fund, which aims to invest $250K in start-ups that use Twilio, the popular Telephony platform. The next set of seven recipients of the Twilio Fund have been announced. The applications range from an innovative crowd-sourced labor platform to helping out law enforcement agencies.

The seven companies who made it across the finish line are:

  • WorkersNow: Delivers a new hiring experience to construction contractors. They allow contractors to hire temporary labor and at the same give workers the ability to showcase their skills and guarantee payment.
  • Callyo: Helps fight crime by allowing rapid provisioning of numbers, call routing, recording and transcriptions services to law enforcement agencies.
  • Magnolia Prime: Dubbed Social Networking for the Senior, Magnolia Prime allows a health care clinician or other caregiver to setup/deliver customized voice messages to senior citizens at a time defined by the clinician or caregiver.
  • FastCall411: Provides lead generation for local search publishers. It uses all Twilio API features like automated outbound dialing, assigning numbers, tracking inbound calls, conferences and much more.
  • Qwipd: The application helps users send witty and flirtatious messages to their partners over their mobile phones. It uses Twilio to send and receive text messages with full control over direction and tone.
  • Knockknock: A mobile app that helps out in providing efficient customer service by allowing a consumer to simply mention the organization and issue that they want to speak about and knockknock will navigate through the phone maze and get a human being to address and call them back.
  • Volta: A testing framework for outbound calls. Volta already won best business model at last week's Launch conference, so it's not too surprising to see it receive funding. Businesses can use Volta to A/B test different call scripts for outbound marketing.

The latest seven winners brings the total number of recipients of $10K funding to 10. The $10K funding is for a 1% stake in the company. The Twilio Fund advisors will now select one among them for a $50K investment and a spot in the 500 Startups Accelerator Program. The announcement is expected in a few weeks.

For those who did not make it, the Twilio Fund will announce re-opening of the fund for accepting the next batch of start-ups powered by Twilio. So brush up those applications and stay tuned.

Twilio, who also sponsors ProgrammableWeb, remains one of the most popular APIs in our directory with 140+ mashups.


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