Twilio's API Expands by 100+ New Features

Cloud-based telephony service Twilio helps you build any telephony-based app you would need. You could build anything from a simple call reminder service to a complete phone-based interaction system for your app through Twilio's API. And now the company has added a bunch of new features.

Twilio recently announced well over 100 new features to its already extensive API, allowing you to do some amazing things within your app.

Of the most notable is the ability to reject calls, a handy addition for apps that screen calls somewhere in their workflow. Another noteworthy addition to the Twilio API is the ability to search for numbers and purchase them programmatically. If you're building an app that needs to give it's end users their own numbers, this one is for you.

For more, see Twilio's list of changes or our Twilio API profile.

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