Twilio's Notify API Reaches Customers Via Preferred Method

Twilio has launched a beta for its new Notify API that allows developers to orchestrate notifications over SMS, push, messaging apps, and more with a single, user-focused API. The goal of the API is to contact customers in the method they want to be reached.  In order to reach individuals in the method most desired by the individual, the Notify API gives developers tools such as group membership, device selection, user preference, and user delivery profile to target messaging methods accordingly. A single API Request with content is correctly formatted by Twilio (e.g. SMS, push notification, chat, etc.), and delivered to the target audience.

Twilio introduced the new API at its SIGNAL developer conference. With the launch, Twilio hopes to empower users to "send the right type of message, at the right time, to the right user." Developers gain programmatic control over sending push, SMS, and live chat notifications. Developers can easily sort different users and apply message preferences. In a blog post following the announcement, Twilio gave the following example:

"If your clients in Seattle only want SMS and Push notifications, but your clients in New York want in-app notifications when they're active - you can enable that easily with Notify." 

Twilio segments the Notify API into three categories: user segmentation, multi-channel messaging, and smart orchestrations. User segmentation allows developers to tag users and send group notifications with a single request. Twilio alerts everyone that matches the specified tag. Multi-channel messaging allows a single API call to send a message via SMS, push notification, or messaging depending on the profile. Through smart orchestrations, Twilio manages notifications across devices and channels after a person or group to be notified is identified. 

To help users get started, Twilio has published an Android tutorial. Those interested in moving forward can request access. Additionally, visit Twilio's docs site for quickstarts, tutorials, reference guides and libraries. 

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