Twilio's Super SIM Allows IoT Devices to Connect to Multiple Mobile Operators

Twilio has launched a new offering dubbed Super SIM that promises "instant global connectivity on a single SIM".

With Super SIM, creators of IoT devices can deploy, configure and manage connectivity for their devices across multiple tier-one mobile operators that are part of Twilio's Super Network, which is comprised of carriers in more than 180 countries. New international mobile subscriber identities, or IMSIs, can be added over the air.

IoT device creators can optimize for network coverage, device performance and price, but don't need to establish individual relationships and negotiate rates with multiple carriers. Instead, all billing is handled through Twilio and the company's Super SIM APIs allow for granular reporting on usage down to country and operator levels.

With Super SIM, companies will more easily be able to develop devices that are deployed in different countries, or that physically move, such as devices targeting the transportation market.

Currently, Twilio is offering Super SIM to select users on an early access basis.

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