Twitch Adds API Endpoints, Starts Rate Limit Increase Discussion

Twitch made API news this week by launching new endpoints to the Twitch API and opening discussion with its developer community regarding rate limits. The new endpoints allow for retrieving and creating Clip data, and the ability to retrieve the top games on Twitch. Regarding rate limits, Twitch announced that it receives frequent questions on the topic, and it is opening up a discussion forum to field such requests.

Twitch's Clips functionality allows viewers to easily share specific moments from a broadcast video. The new Get Clip endpoint enables developers to retrieve information about a specified Clip through a simple call. The Create Clip endpoint allows users to create a Clips programmatically. The endpoint returns both ID and an edit URL for the new Clip.

Twitch's new Get Top Games endpoint allows developers to pull a list of games currently viewed on Twitch. The list of games returned are those being viewed by current Twitch viewers, with the most popular game listed first.

Finally, Twitch announced that its developer community often reaches out to the team requesting rate limit increases or at least information surrounding rate limit increases. While Twitch has not announced any changes to its rate limits, it has opened the door to discussion on the topic. For those looking for a rate limit increase, or more information, email the Twitch team at

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