Twitter Adds Group Messaging and Native Video


Today Twitter announced they will soon add direct messaging and video upload features to their Platform. Rolling out to accounts in early February, users will be able to send direct messages to up to 20 people within a social circle regardless of mutual follows. Users will also be able to record, edit and post 30 second videos to their timelines using Twitter’s own in-app video functions.

Developers can expect major changes to both the Twitter REST and Streaming APIs. “Starting in early February, we will begin to roll out support for video rendering across REST and Streaming APIs,” announced the Twitter staff in today’s blog post

Specific changes to the API include a new media type “video” that will be accessible from the “extended_entities” parameter. Related video data will be ported to the “video_info” value, to be accessed similarly to traditional media types.
Properties such as aspect ratio (width & height), duration, encoding types, format, URL, and bitrate will soon be activated through the video API values. For embedding video previews and thumbnails, Twitter suggests using the “media_url” parameter.

The messaging and video updates have been long-awaited by the Twitter community. Though, followers now wonder how these features will fit into a market already saturated with similar messaging and video sharing services such as WhatsApp and Vine.


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Twitter introduces group direct messages and native video sharing