Twitter Ads? "There is no Advertising API," Says Twitter

Despite reports to the contrary, two public statements from Twitter say there is no advertising API to auto-post Twitter ads, otherwise known as promoted tweets. The rumored tool would allow high volume advertisers to programmatically create campaigns. An API is a great way for a Platform to scale its advertising operations, as we've seen with the Facebook Ads API, which launched with the Facebook Marketing Suite in August.

In July, Reuters reported that the Twitter Ads API was coming in the fourth quarter of last year:

Twitter is courting bigtime advertisers and will soon allow them to tailor, automate and publish ads in bulk directly onto the Internet microblogging service, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.

The company will soon provide a so-called Application Programming Interface, or API, that will help advertising agencies and corporations deliver large volumes of ads on Twitter. Access to the API, which Twitter plans to begin in the fourth quarter, will initially be rolled out as a test involving a limited number of partners, the people said.

"There is no Advertising API at this time," Twitter's Taylor Singleterry wrote today in a discussion thread. Twitter Communication's Matt Graves confirmed over email. "There's not currently an API, so there's nothing to share for now," Graves said.

Both are careful to stress that there is no API now, but also emphasize there isn't an API. It's not that the API isn't public, it just doesn't exist, according to Twitter. For a company that's API-driven, it's hard to believe there isn't an internal Advertising API. The company may be keeping it hush-hush because it doesn't want a rapid influx of interest. While I can think of worse problems, if the company is heavily vetting advertisers, it may already be having enough trouble keeping up.

The advertising platform itself is only available to whitelisted accounts who have presumably filled out a form on Twitter for Business. Advertising on Twitter consists of Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, Promoted Accounts and Enhanced Profiles.