Twitter Announces Enterprise Grade Account Activity API

Twitter has spent much of this year bulking up its developer tools. The company has already debuted several new APIs to help companies manage their presence on the social network and now the company has turned its attention to customer service operations.

"The Account Activity API enables developers to receive the full set of activities related to an account in real time," explained Jon Cipriano, developer advocate at Twitter. "We’re releasing the enterprise version of the Account Activity API, which is designed for those who need data for a large number of accounts, multiple webhook URLs, reliability features such as retries, or managed support."

Lots of people vent their frustrations regarding products and services on Twitter. That's why many businesses scan Twitter to discover and manage customer service issues. Often, customer service reps will direct unhappy consumers to contact them via Direct Message. The Account Activity API opens up a wide range of tools within Twitter's DM function, including quick replies, welcome messages, buttons on messages, custom profiles, and customer feedback cards.

According to Twitter, welcome messages are now nameable and editable, which helps businesses create relevant messages. Moreover, developers can now take advantage of read receipts and typing indicators to ensure that chat-powered conversations feel more natural to end users. These help give people the impression that they're talking to another person, and not a chatbot.

The Account Activity API gives businesses faster, easier access to their data than some older tools, such as the standard REST endpoint. As such, the company plans to retire a handful of these endpoints in June 2018, including User Streams, Site Streams, GET direct_messages, GET direct_messages/sent, GET direct_messages/show, and POST direct_messages/destroy.

Twitter suggests developers relying on these older data collection tools migrate to the new API. For example, the GET direct_message/show, /sent, and /list endpoints are being replaced by new GET direct_messages/events/show and GET direct_messages/events/list endpoints. Twitter says this "combines sent and received messages into one service, and provides the ability to access all Direct Messages sent and received in the past 30 days."

The new Account Activity API for businesses is available in beta. Developers interested in taking a look will need to seek access via Twitter's developer application process. The application requires developers to provide specific use cases. The enterprise-level access is for developers who need access to subscriptions for more than 35 user subscriptions.

Need more info? Twitter is releasing a playbook that provides step-by-step instructions on how to code with the new Account Activity API for enterprises.


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