Twitter Announces Immediate Changes to Image Access through Twitter's Direct Message API

Yesterday, Twitter announced immediate changes to its Direct Message API. The changes specifically address the way images are sent in Direct Messages. Twitter was unable to give developers warning prior to the change "due to the potential sensitivity of the prior state."

The API changes do not affect the broader set of Direct Message API features, only images sent in Direct Messages. The specific changes include:

  • discontinued support for accessing media_url via an authenticated session
  • discontinued support for accessing media_url_https via an authenticated session
  • requests to Fetch media_url_https must now be signed with a user's access token using OAuth 1.0A

Twitter encourages any developers who render images through the Direct Messages API to check their Integration to see if changes are needed. Twitter is not dictating how users update integrations, but has published one potential migration path on its developer forum.

For more details, check out the API docs.

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